Friday, November 25, 2011


We had so much fun this morning! It was Raffle for a Ride day. Some of us were lucky to come to school in a cool vehicle. Have a look at our photos to see us!

Here are our stories that we wrote about our fun day...

Hannah G came to school on a wheelbarrow and I liked it! Peara

I liked the stock cars. 1 did a donut. Lachlan

Somaya came in a fire engine. I think that it was so much fun. Telaina

I went to school in a triumph with a man. The man was nice! I needed a carseat because my mum didn't want to come! Hannah C

Hayley, Lachlan, Jack, Shaun and Jorja went in the helicopter. We saw it. Anah-Rose

Hannah came to school in a wheelbarrow. Santa pushed Hannah in it. She got a chocolate frog. It was fun. Santa was amazing. Annaliese

A helicopter landed on the field. Kayla

I went in a car. Shaun

It was fun when the helicopter came on the field. Jade

I can see the stock cars and the helicopter. James

I hope I go on a motorbike because it is going to be fun. Hayley

I came to school in a wheelbarrow. It was fun and Santa was pushing me in the wheelbarrow. I had so much fun today in the wheelbarrow. Hannah G

I saw a helicopter land by the bike cage. It was cool. We had a picture. It landed on the field. The other kids sat in the helicopter. It had lots of seats. Tane

I saw the helicopter. It is cool and it is red. There were some stock cars. Max

I went into the fire engine. It was fun. Hannah came in the wheelbarrow. Somaya

Shaun came to school in an up and down car. I hope it was fun. Ethan

I saw the stock cars coming to school. I like the blue stock car. Jack


  1. WOW Leap Frogs! What an exciting morning you have had! You have some very lucky children in your class. I can't believe that Hannah got to come to school in a wheelbarrow...that would have been funny to see.
    You have written great stories about your morning too :)

  2. Annaliese's MumDecember 5, 2011 at 11:05 AM

    How lucky are you all to have such cool things happening at your school! It looks very exciting. I love all your wonderful writing about the day too - you are a very clever class!