Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Manukura answers our Questions!

WOW!! We are so lucky. Elly put our Kiwi Question Movie on Manukura's FaceBook page. He has answered our questions...

Hello to all my friends at Russell Street School. You have created some AWESOME artwork of kiwi and asked some super duper smart questions. My rangers were REALLY impressed and had to scratch their heads about one or two of them. Here are the answers: (and by the way, I am in the kiwi house now so you can see me when you come will come back......right?

To clear my nostrils if dirt gets in I will shake my beak or snort to get rid of it.

When I find a fat, juicy worm I will put it in the tip of my beak and throw my beak back and jiggle to manoeuvre the worm into my mouth

I have a short triangular tongue. Funny eh?

We don't very good eyesight and so we use our whiskers and sense of smell a lot to help us in the dark

Our eyes do not glow in the dark (but it would be cool if we did

Our ears are in proportion with the size of head so they are not so little..... and our sense of smell and hearing are heightened due to our poor eyesight

I went to Wellington Zoo because two of the stones I swallowed got stuck so a really neat doctor (who normally looks after humans) blasted the big stone with a special blaster thing and so it broke in two and then they removed it. If you go to you can view the procedure.

Birds often swallow small stones to help us digest our food. We have no teeth so can't chew so the small stones help with that.

Thank you for being so interested and really smart with your questions. I think you have really cool teachers who get you think and find out wonderful things.....I love that.

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  1. Annaliese's MumNovember 28, 2011 at 9:40 PM

    Those were fantastic questions - great thinking from everyone. It was fun to read the answers too. I love the kiwi pictures on the wall in your class.