Tuesday, October 25, 2011

We are learning to DESCRIBE.

In writing, we are learning to describe. Today was our first try at this type of writing. We did a great job. Have a read of some of our stories.

I have a red teddy. He is cute. He wears a t-shirt and pants. His name is Tane. By Tane

I have a baby. She is cuddly. She is cute. She is hard to cuddle. By Telaina

I have a rabbit. It is a nice rabbit. It is grey. By Kayla

My dog is called Baba. She is white. She is cute. She has a hear hair tie. My dog is fluffy. By Annaliese

I have a pet. I sleep with him. He is snuggly. By Jade

My teddy bear is soft. He likes icecream and mild. He likes chocolate chips. He is green and he is blue. By Ethan

I have a cute teddy. I love my teddy. By Hayley

I have a white truck. His name is Max! He is lucky to be with me. I'm lucky to have him. By Jack

My barbie is nice. She is nice and furry. By Peara

My Tiga is stripy. Hi is cute. He has a curly tail. By James.

My bear is furry. Me bear has a red tongue. He's soft. By Hannah

This is Leah's teddy. Her teddy glows. By Anah-Rose