Tuesday, September 13, 2011


We are well under way with our production practices. This afternoon we have had a reflection time, talking about the great things we are doing and the things that we need to work on before the big night.

Laken - We are getting to know our item quick.

Sam - We are listening for right timings.

Erin - We are all working together.

Kayleigh - We are making sure we are ready to go before its our turn.

Shaun - We are staying in our Poutini line.

Jack and Olly - We are moving up a level every day.

Helen/Kaitlin - The water movements are going well and we are timed. We are organised with the river bit.

Josh - The icon people know when to go on - we don't need reminding.

Samantha - Waitaiki are flicking over at the right time.

Aimen - Whaitipu are learning to not go too fast. We take our time.

Max - We get in line so we don't waste time when we chase poutini.

Baily - It is really good because people aren't talking too much.

Rosie - The children are managing themselves really well.

Logan - We are getting ready so we can be really good.

Ethan - Poutini is good at hiding.

Hali - People are on stage at the right time.

What do we need to work on between now and the production?

Tawhara - to get off the stage at the right times.

Somaya - need to listen really well.

Emma - listen to your buddies.

Jordan - we need to get better at not talking.

Laken - making sure we go at the right time - we need to listen to the music.

Brooklyn - we need to get better at not talking when we do the freeze frames.

Aimen - Whaitipu and Poutini need to get off the stage at the right timing.

Samantha - The river need to make sure they are moving the whole time...just like water.

Erin - I think we need to try not to pull each other people's arms.

Hali - People need to stop being droopy.

Logan - We have to be patient.

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