Friday, September 2, 2011

Our Production

We have been working hard and doing a lot of learning regarding our production. Here is a summary of what we have learnt so far...

Telaina - We made up dance moves.

Kayla - When we did our dance moves, I liked the way we worked together (I worked with Molly) and the other people ran past.

Jade - It was fun to make up the dance moves.

Ethan - The scary taniwha is trying to get us!

Anah - We had to measure our arms for the costumes.

Hannah - We practiced our dance moves with our buddies.

Lachlan - We drew pictures so we knew what the characters would look like.

Jorja - We needed icons to show where we are going. Icons show which place is which. The carrot is near the mountain.

Max - There are all sorts of icons from all over New Zealand.

Tane - We wrote letters to the parents.

Annaliese - We made water costumes.

Hayley - For the water moves, we go in and out.

James - My group has a haka.

I am sure this has made you very interested about our item! We can't wait to show you at the Regent on Monday 3rd October!


  1. I cannot wait until the school production. It will be so cool seeing you all doing your dance moves and showing off your fabulous water costumes. I hope I don't get wet sitting in the audience. Kevin (BoT)

  2. Wow - you have learned so much already - dancing, writing, creating, measuring and of course having fun! I can't wait to see you all on stage. Keep practising hard.