Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Warming up our Brains

Every Tuesday, Suzanne comes to help us warm up our brains. She asks us a funny question and we have to think about what we might do. Here are some examples from this term... Click on each one to make it easier to read!


There are only 5 sleeps until production! Today was the first time that the whole school got together to see all of our items. How exciting!

This afternoon, Rooms 4/5 had a dress rehearsal. Elly and Rosie were very impressed how everyone was able to self-manage with their costumes. Ka pai!


What a fabulous punch of learners that we have in Room 4! We have been learning about fractions. We know about halves, quarters and thirds. The bottom number of the fraction tells us how many parts to break the object/group into. *We know that you have to be fair when you are talking about fractions. All parts have to be the same.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Making a life-sized clock

We are learning to tell the 'o'clocks' so yesterday we went outside to make a life-sized clock! This is what some of us had to say:

Hannah said, "I learnt how to tell the time, 12 oclock."
Telaina said, 'I learnt to tell the time o'clock."
Jade said, 'I can the learn the number and what time it will be."
Hayley said, 'I learnt we put the skipping ropes on the 12 and the little one on any number."
Ethan said, 'I learnt to leave the big hand up at the 12."

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


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Our Sonic Pics for Beth

Today we drew pictures on the iPads and used Sonic Pics to leave a message for Beth - our student teacher...What a shame - we didn't know how to change the direction of the photo!! That's ok - you can still see and hear our messages!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


We are well under way with our production practices. This afternoon we have had a reflection time, talking about the great things we are doing and the things that we need to work on before the big night.

Laken - We are getting to know our item quick.

Sam - We are listening for right timings.

Erin - We are all working together.

Kayleigh - We are making sure we are ready to go before its our turn.

Shaun - We are staying in our Poutini line.

Jack and Olly - We are moving up a level every day.

Helen/Kaitlin - The water movements are going well and we are timed. We are organised with the river bit.

Josh - The icon people know when to go on - we don't need reminding.

Samantha - Waitaiki are flicking over at the right time.

Aimen - Whaitipu are learning to not go too fast. We take our time.

Max - We get in line so we don't waste time when we chase poutini.

Baily - It is really good because people aren't talking too much.

Rosie - The children are managing themselves really well.

Logan - We are getting ready so we can be really good.

Ethan - Poutini is good at hiding.

Hali - People are on stage at the right time.

What do we need to work on between now and the production?

Tawhara - to get off the stage at the right times.

Somaya - need to listen really well.

Emma - listen to your buddies.

Jordan - we need to get better at not talking.

Laken - making sure we go at the right time - we need to listen to the music.

Brooklyn - we need to get better at not talking when we do the freeze frames.

Aimen - Whaitipu and Poutini need to get off the stage at the right timing.

Samantha - The river need to make sure they are moving the whole time...just like water.

Erin - I think we need to try not to pull each other people's arms.

Hali - People need to stop being droopy.

Logan - We have to be patient.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Our Production

We have been working hard and doing a lot of learning regarding our production. Here is a summary of what we have learnt so far...

Telaina - We made up dance moves.

Kayla - When we did our dance moves, I liked the way we worked together (I worked with Molly) and the other people ran past.

Jade - It was fun to make up the dance moves.

Ethan - The scary taniwha is trying to get us!

Anah - We had to measure our arms for the costumes.

Hannah - We practiced our dance moves with our buddies.

Lachlan - We drew pictures so we knew what the characters would look like.

Jorja - We needed icons to show where we are going. Icons show which place is which. The carrot is near the mountain.

Max - There are all sorts of icons from all over New Zealand.

Tane - We wrote letters to the parents.

Annaliese - We made water costumes.

Hayley - For the water moves, we go in and out.

James - My group has a haka.

I am sure this has made you very interested about our item! We can't wait to show you at the Regent on Monday 3rd October!