Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Our Reading Responses

This week, we have been learning how to log onto the server. This is very tricky, but very important too. When we know how to log onto the server, we can save our work. When we can save our work, we can work with excellence because we can go back and keep working on something until it is finished.

We were working on Kidpix to draw a response to one of our books. Here are the pictures that are finished...

I read "Here comes Little Chimp." I drew Mamma Chimp because she was up in the tree. Mother Chimp wanted Little Chimp to come up the tree.

I read "The duck with a broken wing," This is the daddy duck. I chose to draw him because he had a broken wing.

It is a racing car. It pumped down it's wheels. It can't move because its wheels are pumped down. It is from Lightening McQueen.

I read "The Photo Book." I drew the teddy, Nick, James and Kate.

I read "Bingo's Icecream." I drew me. I am going to the icecream shop with my doggie Spencer. When I had my icecream, my icecream fell off. That is up a made-up story.

I read "Bingo's Icecream." I drew Mum, Bingo and Sam and the icecream shop. I put my name up the top so it wouldn't be on my picture.

I read the icecream book with Sam and her mum. I chose to draw a dog and the mum and Sam and the icecream shop.

I read the story "The duck with a broken wing." I drew the mummy duck because she is a very big duck. I did the tree because it is summer time.


  1. Wow leap frogs that is great I was in your class yesterday morning - I could see your creative minds sparking Keep up the good work!!!

    Finn Kearns

  2. Hi Leap Frogs - your pictures are so sharp, clever and colourful. And you are so smart learning how to save your work. I liked the duck and the red racing car! Just like Lightning McQueen who I saw at the cinema today with my kids Molly & George. Well done to you all. Kevin (BoT)

  3. cool pitchers they are so awsome.

  4. awesome i love your art

  5. wow that was some great art.

  6. WOW! that is grat by Jack

  7. cool picher tane its a cool picher for a 5 yer old

  8. Cool phichers guys and girls.That is really good for a 5 year old.

  9. AWESOME pictures you guys drew it told the bits about your stories that you read,i wish i knew how to draw as good as that.From Aimen