Thursday, June 30, 2011

BOT Report

This month for the BOT report, I asked the children what they know how to do now they are 5 and are at school. Here are their very cute responses!!

Jack - When I was 4, I couldn't do writing. Now I am 5 and I can do it! I practised and practised. Elly and Marj helped me by teaching me.

Jorja - I have learnt that to be nice to people you have to be kind to them. I don't hit people, I just play with them. I have made new friends.

Max - Now I am 5, I am a good reader. I have been trying to get my mouth ready for the first sound. The teachers have helped me.

Somaya - I know how to count to 20!! I couldn't do that when I was 4.

Lachlan - I didn't know how to write my name, but now I do. Marj helped me, but now I can do it myself.

Ethan - When I was 4 I didn't know how to clean up.

Tane - Finn and Grace taught me how to get onto the server. I know how to save my work there.


  1. I was five just over 40 years ago! WOW. You are learning so many exciting things like how to write your names and how to read. And even though I am nearly 46 I still don't enjoy cleaning up Ethan! Can any of you count to 46 yet? Maybe have a practice with your teachers. Then you can tell how old I am! Kevin (BoT)

  2. I love my teachis and plaing at the plagrand. It is fun at Russll Stret scooll.

  3. Tina Bell (Board of Trustees)July 7, 2011 at 10:28 AM

    Thank you Leap Frogs for your Board Report - we love seeing all the cool things you are up too - and you can all do so much more than when you were 4! Imagine how much more you are going to learn at our school - keep doing your best and have fun!

  4. Wow you have learned lots of learning from your class.Maybe when you grow up you could be faster than us !!!! By Molly & t'gen

  5. wow I can tell have been doing a lot of work on your writing I think your getting better thin me

    by sam

  6. wow leap frogs!!! What amazing learning you have been doing!!! It's amazing to see how much you have learned since i was working with only just a few of you all the way back at the beginning of the year! Your class has grown SO much! :D

    I hope you are looking forward to the last two terms of the year!!
    Jess! :D