Thursday, June 30, 2011

BOT Report

This month for the BOT report, I asked the children what they know how to do now they are 5 and are at school. Here are their very cute responses!!

Jack - When I was 4, I couldn't do writing. Now I am 5 and I can do it! I practised and practised. Elly and Marj helped me by teaching me.

Jorja - I have learnt that to be nice to people you have to be kind to them. I don't hit people, I just play with them. I have made new friends.

Max - Now I am 5, I am a good reader. I have been trying to get my mouth ready for the first sound. The teachers have helped me.

Somaya - I know how to count to 20!! I couldn't do that when I was 4.

Lachlan - I didn't know how to write my name, but now I do. Marj helped me, but now I can do it myself.

Ethan - When I was 4 I didn't know how to clean up.

Tane - Finn and Grace taught me how to get onto the server. I know how to save my work there.

Our First Animation

We are learning how to work together in small groups. This week we made some simple animations. We animated our names. We were working in groups of 4 or 5 people. We needed to take turns and share.

Can you see anyone's name you know? You have to watch very closely, because they go very fast.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Our Reading Responses

This week, we have been learning how to log onto the server. This is very tricky, but very important too. When we know how to log onto the server, we can save our work. When we can save our work, we can work with excellence because we can go back and keep working on something until it is finished.

We were working on Kidpix to draw a response to one of our books. Here are the pictures that are finished...

I read "Here comes Little Chimp." I drew Mamma Chimp because she was up in the tree. Mother Chimp wanted Little Chimp to come up the tree.

I read "The duck with a broken wing," This is the daddy duck. I chose to draw him because he had a broken wing.

It is a racing car. It pumped down it's wheels. It can't move because its wheels are pumped down. It is from Lightening McQueen.

I read "The Photo Book." I drew the teddy, Nick, James and Kate.

I read "Bingo's Icecream." I drew me. I am going to the icecream shop with my doggie Spencer. When I had my icecream, my icecream fell off. That is up a made-up story.

I read "Bingo's Icecream." I drew Mum, Bingo and Sam and the icecream shop. I put my name up the top so it wouldn't be on my picture.

I read the icecream book with Sam and her mum. I chose to draw a dog and the mum and Sam and the icecream shop.

I read the story "The duck with a broken wing." I drew the mummy duck because she is a very big duck. I did the tree because it is summer time.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Talking and Listening

When we have news circle, it is important to remember these things...

* We need to look at everyone when we are talking (not just Elly!) because we are sharing our news with all of our friends (not just Elly!)

* We need to give more information so people know what happened to us. Our friends were not there, so they don't know anything about it.

* We need to look at the person who is talking to show that we are listening.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

5 and the iPods

Max - we had to take a photo of 5 things.

Lachlan - We used the iPods to take the photos.

Telaina - We used the iPods to take photos of 5 things.

We had a few problems...

Ethan - Some people took videos on the iPods.

Jorja - Some people didn't get a turn. Some people took too many photos.

Annaliese - When you don't use the iPods properly, you can't see all of the dinosaurs in the photo.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


We are learning how to read. There are lots of things that we need to remember to do. Here is what we are trying to get better at...

Telaina - I am trying to make my reading sound like talking. I am practising.

Lachlan - I am pointing at the words. I am doing it every day.

Emily - I am getting my mouth ready for the first wound.

Jorja - Looking at picture helps us know the words.

Jade - I am learning to read.

Max - It really, really really helps when you can read.

Ethan - It is important to learn to read so you can read big books.

Camden - You point to the words.

Charlotte - I am getting better at reading my words to Charlotte. I read them each week.

Sam - Reading helps us to get better at writing words.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Have a Look at These!

Beth took us out for PE this afternoon. We are learning large ball skills. Today we played some games to get used to the large balls. Elly took her camera out...have a look at these gorgeous photos!


We have been learning about shadows. Here are some things that we know...

- Shadows are connected to your feet.
- When the sun goes away so does the shadow.
- When there is shade there is no shadow.
- Shadows follow you.
- The sun reflects onto you and then onto the concrete to make a shadow.
- The sun is on the concrete on a sunny day.
- Shadows are black.

Have a look at our photos. Our buddy drew around our shadow. Our shadows were longer than us! I wonder why that is?