Friday, May 20, 2011

Making a Winter Tree Collage

We are making a piece of art that shows a tree in all four seasons. Each week we create new tree! We are using different art techniques to create our trees. Last week we used crayon and dye to make our Autumn tree. This week we used collage to create our Winter tree. We used bumpy card to make a tree with a detailed trunk, branches and twigs. As usual we concentrated really hard! Two more seasons to go and we can show you our finished "Season Art"...

Winter Trees on PhotoPeach


  1. you are stars leap frogs every one
    of you

  2. wow your winter trees are so cool you must of done alot of hard work to make them like that!!!!!!

  3. Good Work, Leap Frogs

    I look foward to seeing the finsished product, Keep up the good work