Thursday, May 26, 2011

How Exciting!

In the middle of our learning yesterday morning, an exciting thing happened...a big truck came to take the container away outside our classroom. We all went to have a look to see what was happening. When we came inside, some of us chose to write stories about what we had seen...

Shaun - I can see a truck.

Hayley - A big truck picked up the big box.

jack - A truck lifted the box.

Emily - I see a big box.

Telaina - I like the crane.

Sam - I saw the big truck.

Hannah - I can see a big truck and me and Jorja.

Annaliese - The digger is pulling the box.

James - I can see a big truck. The man is on top of it.

Ella - The truck was big.

Tane - A big truck came and carried the box.

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