Thursday, May 12, 2011

Cross Country!

We were such superstars at cross country today! Everyone ran so hard and Carolyn didn't think we looked tired at all - she said maybe we should all have done the cross-country AGAIN! Carolyn saw us fall down and get back up, run and rest and then run again, and some of us hardly stopped at all. Here are some of OUR comments about Cross Country:

I ran really fast over the speed bumps - James
Me and Kayla didn't stop - Jade
Whne it was startimg time I heard "HONK" - Jack
I you run and go fast get some energy and bring your drink bottle - Anah
I ran and i ran but then I walked a little and ran again - Jorja
I saw my granny and my Mum - Max
I saw my Mum and my Dad - Hayley
My Mum was there and she watched us run - Hannah C
I jumped over the speed bumps - Kayla
When I was running so fast I falled over on the road and I got back up and ran again - Tane
I stayed up running - there was a teacher on the side - Lachlan
I ran with Beth - Peara
I was almost in front of the bunch - Telaina
I saw Peara, she was running with me - Hannah G
I stopped to have a little rest and I just kept going again - Somaya
I just keeped running and I didn't stop - Shaun
I jumped over the bumps and I ran with Tane - Ethan

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