Thursday, May 26, 2011

How Exciting!

In the middle of our learning yesterday morning, an exciting thing happened...a big truck came to take the container away outside our classroom. We all went to have a look to see what was happening. When we came inside, some of us chose to write stories about what we had seen...

Shaun - I can see a truck.

Hayley - A big truck picked up the big box.

jack - A truck lifted the box.

Emily - I see a big box.

Telaina - I like the crane.

Sam - I saw the big truck.

Hannah - I can see a big truck and me and Jorja.

Annaliese - The digger is pulling the box.

James - I can see a big truck. The man is on top of it.

Ella - The truck was big.

Tane - A big truck came and carried the box.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Word Cloud

I made a word cloud of the names of the children in our class. Can you find your name?

Phonics Song

Look what I found on Youtube! What a great song to help you learn your letters and the sounds they make.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Making a Winter Tree Collage

We are making a piece of art that shows a tree in all four seasons. Each week we create new tree! We are using different art techniques to create our trees. Last week we used crayon and dye to make our Autumn tree. This week we used collage to create our Winter tree. We used bumpy card to make a tree with a detailed trunk, branches and twigs. As usual we concentrated really hard! Two more seasons to go and we can show you our finished "Season Art"...

Winter Trees on PhotoPeach

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kayla's Maths

Elly said we had to draw flowers. I had to do 5 because their was a five on the page. I knew there were 5 because I counted 1, 2, 3,4, 5 in my head.

Anah's Maths

I had to draw 5 flowers on Kidpix. I knew I had to do 5 flowers because there was a 5 on the page. I know what 5 looks like.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Today we had a brainstorm about shadows. Some of us don't know what a shadow is, but some of us have some really great ideas. Here are our thoughts...

Max - When it is a sunny day and you go walking, the sun makes a shadow if you are going past something.

Telaina - A shadow copies you.

Annaliese - A shadow is when the sun follows and can't get through. It leaves a shadow.

Jack - If it is dark you need a light to make a shadow.

Jade - some shadows are like a rainbow colour.

Hannah - The trees make a shadow.

Shaun - Shadows make a shadow when the sun comes out.

Anah - the sun is out by the clouds.

Ethan - a shadow follows you.

Hannah G - A shadow is where you walk.

Over the next few weeks, we are going to be learning all about shadows. Watch this space for our learning!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Cross Country!

We were such superstars at cross country today! Everyone ran so hard and Carolyn didn't think we looked tired at all - she said maybe we should all have done the cross-country AGAIN! Carolyn saw us fall down and get back up, run and rest and then run again, and some of us hardly stopped at all. Here are some of OUR comments about Cross Country:

I ran really fast over the speed bumps - James
Me and Kayla didn't stop - Jade
Whne it was startimg time I heard "HONK" - Jack
I you run and go fast get some energy and bring your drink bottle - Anah
I ran and i ran but then I walked a little and ran again - Jorja
I saw my granny and my Mum - Max
I saw my Mum and my Dad - Hayley
My Mum was there and she watched us run - Hannah C
I jumped over the speed bumps - Kayla
When I was running so fast I falled over on the road and I got back up and ran again - Tane
I stayed up running - there was a teacher on the side - Lachlan
I ran with Beth - Peara
I was almost in front of the bunch - Telaina
I saw Peara, she was running with me - Hannah G
I stopped to have a little rest and I just kept going again - Somaya
I just keeped running and I didn't stop - Shaun
I jumped over the bumps and I ran with Tane - Ethan

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fast Words

At reading time, the children in the Leap Frogs choose activities to do around the room. One fantastic activity is fast words.

Fast words are when we write as many words as we can on the whiteboard.

Have a look at these clever children doing their fast words today.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Suprise Visit!

Today we had a surprise visit from Ronald McDonald! It was lots of fun. Ronald McDonald taught us how to keep safe when we are traveling in the car, or walking, biking and scootering.
We need to...
* watch out for sneaky driveways.
* Stop, look and listen before we cross the street.
* Make sure our seatbelts click.

Here are some photos of the visit...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cross Country

We are practising for Cross Country. We are trying our best.

Somaya said "We need to do our best to run fast."

Jade said "We can run slowly but for a long time."

Jack said "Big kids run faster than us because they have to win the race."

Anah said "The 6 year olds go faster than the 5 year olds."