Thursday, March 3, 2011

We are Learning to Write

It is so exciting watching five-year-olds learn to write stories. Today was no exception!
James wrote about Lego. He drew a detailed picture and listened carefully to the sounds in the words he wanted to write. James used the display letters around the room to help him write the "g" in lego. Great work, James!
Anah-Rose drew a detailed picture and did "magic writing" across the page. She knows to start at the left and move across the page, then start at the left hand side again on the next line! She knows a lot about how writing works already. Awesome, Anah-Rose!
Somaya drew a picture in the blank space in her writing book and told me what she wanted her story to say. She understands that the picture and the story work together. Great work, Somaya!
I can't wait to see your writing get better and better!
Carolyn (Your Thursday Teacher)


  1. Awesome work, you have learnt so much already :P

  2. Wow you are only 5 and you are drawing and writing already.

  3. I like the name of your class.