Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Our Swimming Day

What a big day for our newest 5 year olds at school! We went to the Lido today for our school swimming sports. We started by showing our newest learning in the pool. We watched some of the big kid races and the adult races too. After that we got to have a swim in the other pool. After we got changed, we did some relays and played with the parachute. We had lunch in the Esplanade and had a play before we came home.

Here are our favourite parts of the day...

Kayla - "I liked walking in the path where the stones are because it was a cool idea and I've never been there and it was fun."

James - "I liked going in the bus because it is really really kind of scary and because it was my first time on a bus."

Somaya - "I liked going in the swimming pool because I like swimming."

Anah-Rose - "I liked going on the roundy bit in the pool because it was really fun."


  1. Hey Guys you all did so well at swimming and I had a lovely day hanging out with you. I bet you were tired by the end of the day, I know James was!!

  2. Hi Leap Frogs,
    Thanks so much for sharing your learning with us - you all looked like you had a great day at the Lido - well done you - should all be really proud of yourselves.