Saturday, March 19, 2011

Leap Frogs

We had a guided drawing lesson with Carolyn. We used vivid to draw a frog with bouncing legs and a big mouth. Then we used pastel to colour our frogs. We worked hard to blend the pastel so that it looked smooth and flat with no mosquito holes. We sponge painted water for our frogs to swim in. Each of our frogs has a personality all of its own!


  1. I love the detail and colour in your frogs, Leapfrogs. You have taken great care and the results are amazing!

  2. I love your frogs too, and I love the way each one of them is different! They look like they are very energetic frogs that might jump onto my arm any moment! Margaret

  3. I LOVE these pictures, it looks like you have put so much work into them - well done!!