Monday, March 21, 2011

Art Day

We had a GLORIOUS day of art today. No reading, no writing, no maths...just ART!! What a fabulous day.

Our day started with time in the hall with a lady called Rei. We all painted windows and in the windows, we painted a party...all of the lovely things that our window could see.

When we came back to class, Elly read us a story called "Giraffes Can't Dance." In this story Gerald the Giraffe is very sad because he is at the Jungle Dance, but he is the only one who doesn't know how to dance. By the end of the story, Gerald can dance AND he is the best dancer of the jungle. We decided to go to a different setting - the farm and we made some farm animals dance. What fun! We haven't finished these yet (hopefully we will on Friday), but you can get a glimpse of our work in these photos.

Jess (our Student Teacher) taught us about Andy Warhol. He creates Pop Art. We drew pictures of ourselves and our families. We then used crayons to colour in certain aspects of the faces. We finished these by dying each square a different colour.

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  1. What I saw of your art was fabulous, I can't wait to see the finished cows and pigs, James had a great day was was disappointed not to have reading!!!