Friday, December 2, 2011

Super Sewers!

What you need:
a needle,
some wool, and
a piece of hessian.

It also helps if you have patience and quite a bit of determination!

We chose an animal that we saw at Mt Bruce and drew it onto card and cut it out. These animals were traced onto hessian. Then we had to sew around the trace mark. Sewing was very tricky. Even threading the wool into the needle was tricky but some of us could do it by ourselves.

It took a few weeks to finish these. We think they look pretty fabulous. Come into our room and see them with your own eyes.

Friday, November 25, 2011


We had so much fun this morning! It was Raffle for a Ride day. Some of us were lucky to come to school in a cool vehicle. Have a look at our photos to see us!

Here are our stories that we wrote about our fun day...

Hannah G came to school on a wheelbarrow and I liked it! Peara

I liked the stock cars. 1 did a donut. Lachlan

Somaya came in a fire engine. I think that it was so much fun. Telaina

I went to school in a triumph with a man. The man was nice! I needed a carseat because my mum didn't want to come! Hannah C

Hayley, Lachlan, Jack, Shaun and Jorja went in the helicopter. We saw it. Anah-Rose

Hannah came to school in a wheelbarrow. Santa pushed Hannah in it. She got a chocolate frog. It was fun. Santa was amazing. Annaliese

A helicopter landed on the field. Kayla

I went in a car. Shaun

It was fun when the helicopter came on the field. Jade

I can see the stock cars and the helicopter. James

I hope I go on a motorbike because it is going to be fun. Hayley

I came to school in a wheelbarrow. It was fun and Santa was pushing me in the wheelbarrow. I had so much fun today in the wheelbarrow. Hannah G

I saw a helicopter land by the bike cage. It was cool. We had a picture. It landed on the field. The other kids sat in the helicopter. It had lots of seats. Tane

I saw the helicopter. It is cool and it is red. There were some stock cars. Max

I went into the fire engine. It was fun. Hannah came in the wheelbarrow. Somaya

Shaun came to school in an up and down car. I hope it was fun. Ethan

I saw the stock cars coming to school. I like the blue stock car. Jack

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ana - Our Very own Kiwi Expert

Ana - our very own kiwi expert here at Russell Street, came to visit us to help us to answer our questions. She is in Sonita's class and is 7. WOW!! She knows SO much about kiwi. Thank you Ana for coming to visit us and for all of the preparation that you did.

We asked Ana how she became a kiwi expert. She said that she has read lots of books, done research and asked her Dad who is a Scientist.

Manukura answers our Questions!

WOW!! We are so lucky. Elly put our Kiwi Question Movie on Manukura's FaceBook page. He has answered our questions...

Hello to all my friends at Russell Street School. You have created some AWESOME artwork of kiwi and asked some super duper smart questions. My rangers were REALLY impressed and had to scratch their heads about one or two of them. Here are the answers: (and by the way, I am in the kiwi house now so you can see me when you come will come back......right?

To clear my nostrils if dirt gets in I will shake my beak or snort to get rid of it.

When I find a fat, juicy worm I will put it in the tip of my beak and throw my beak back and jiggle to manoeuvre the worm into my mouth

I have a short triangular tongue. Funny eh?

We don't very good eyesight and so we use our whiskers and sense of smell a lot to help us in the dark

Our eyes do not glow in the dark (but it would be cool if we did

Our ears are in proportion with the size of head so they are not so little..... and our sense of smell and hearing are heightened due to our poor eyesight

I went to Wellington Zoo because two of the stones I swallowed got stuck so a really neat doctor (who normally looks after humans) blasted the big stone with a special blaster thing and so it broke in two and then they removed it. If you go to you can view the procedure.

Birds often swallow small stones to help us digest our food. We have no teeth so can't chew so the small stones help with that.

Thank you for being so interested and really smart with your questions. I think you have really cool teachers who get you think and find out wonderful things.....I love that.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Our Kiwi Wonderings

After our trip to Mt Bruce, we had lots of questions about kiwis. Listen to our wonderings on this short movie clip - can you help us with any of our questions? Do you know any experts who could help us?

Jorja had a great idea - she said "we can google it!!" We might do that if no-one can help us with our questions. We also thought we could look in our books that we have about kiwis. What great inquirers we have in the Leap Frogs.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Willard Home

We went to Willard Home on Tuesday to share some happiness. Here we are reading.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

We are learning to DESCRIBE.

In writing, we are learning to describe. Today was our first try at this type of writing. We did a great job. Have a read of some of our stories.

I have a red teddy. He is cute. He wears a t-shirt and pants. His name is Tane. By Tane

I have a baby. She is cuddly. She is cute. She is hard to cuddle. By Telaina

I have a rabbit. It is a nice rabbit. It is grey. By Kayla

My dog is called Baba. She is white. She is cute. She has a hear hair tie. My dog is fluffy. By Annaliese

I have a pet. I sleep with him. He is snuggly. By Jade

My teddy bear is soft. He likes icecream and mild. He likes chocolate chips. He is green and he is blue. By Ethan

I have a cute teddy. I love my teddy. By Hayley

I have a white truck. His name is Max! He is lucky to be with me. I'm lucky to have him. By Jack

My barbie is nice. She is nice and furry. By Peara

My Tiga is stripy. Hi is cute. He has a curly tail. By James.

My bear is furry. Me bear has a red tongue. He's soft. By Hannah

This is Leah's teddy. Her teddy glows. By Anah-Rose